Paved Assets Values


We build lives with asphalt — Asphalt is the medium with which we build lives and careers.  It’s how we repair credit, buy houses and cars, go on vacations, and fulfill dreams.

We support the foundation of the American economy — Asphalt is literally the foundation of the American economy.  By providing safe and appealing asphalt we help Americans drive, shop, walk, go to work, to school, to hospitals, and to church. We’re proud to help

Be Accountable to High standards — We hold ourselves accountable to very high standards, we keep score, and we want to win. Own the results.  No excuses.  5-star reviews only.

Make the pie bigger — knowledge only helps if you share it.  When we share and work together it’s better for everyone.

Play the long game — We always go above and beyond for our customers, partners, and team mates because we plan to be here for the long-term.  No shortcuts; respect the hustle. Reputation matters. 

Learning always — We want to get better at being better and the only way is to constantly sharpen our skills. 

Clever, Flexible, Resilient, and Gritty — there are many things we can’t control. The weather, supply chains. Interest rates. What we can control is our response. We’re clever, flexible, and resilient. We’re gritty.

We’re innovators — whoever said the trades aren’t high-tech doesn’t work with us. We use software to automate our processes and the latest and best equipment to make us more efficient and provide our clients with the best service possible.

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