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Paved Assets specializes in protecting and preserving your asphalt and pavement assets. We trace our corporate lineage back 15 years and have been providing superior service since our founding. We help property owners and managers to protect and maintain their parking lots and other paved spaces. Our services include sealcoating, line striping, crack filling, and pothole repair.

Asphalt surfaces deteriorate with normal wear and tear and as a result of the weather. When they deteriorate, they look awful and create liabilities for vehicle damage or injury to users. Left untreated the asphalt has to be entirely repaved, which is extremely expensive. Our solutions extend the life of asphalt so clients don’t have to repave as frequently while reducing potential liabilities from injury or accident; thus, providing our clients a strong and measurable ROI.

In addition, nice, clean and well-maintained asphalt gives a positive first impression and provides all users a safe experience that is compliant with government (ADA) regulations.  


In fact, a “2017 study showed that 68% of shoppers strongly agree that the parking lot was the influencing factor that attracted them to particular retail centers.”  We’re literally improving our clients curb appeal.

Our clients want to maintain safe, compliant spaces for their tenants, employees, clients, patients, students, and citizens. They want spaces that make great first impressions for their spaces and brands. We serve commercial property owners and managers in the following sectors:

Commercial office

Commercial Industrial








Financial Institutions

Our experienced teams work to exceed our client’s expectations and strive to perform our work in a professional and friendly manner.

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