Extend the life of your asphalt & attract more customers.
We make old asphalt look new!

Protecting your asphalt investment while keeping your pavement safe and beautiful is our only business. Proudly serving North Carolina.




For more than 15 years, we have specialized in protecting and preserving asphalt and pavement assets. We have proudly saved thousands of dollars for our customers.

Whether you need to restripe an existing parking lot, layout a new parking lot, sealcoat your pavement, or fix cracks and potholes in the pavement, we have you covered.

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Is your parking lot showing its age? Cracks, potholes, and faded parking strips are not only ugly,
but create liabilities and compliance issues.
And wrinkles on your forehead!

Paved Assets can restore and extend the life of your asphalt for a fraction of the cost to re-pave it.

Enhance your curb appeal without repaving! Partner with NC’s asphalt maintenance experts — Paved Assets makes your old asphalt look new and saves you $$$!


Partner with the Best

Since our founding, we have exceeded our clients’ expectations in a professional and friendly manner.


Enjoy Competitive Pricing

We provide high-quality asphalt maintenance services and competitive prices to provide our customers with all-around value.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We aim to please. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll make things right.


Outstanding Customer Service

Satisfaction is our priority



We’ve got your back


15 Years In Business

Experts are available

Don’t wait until you have to re-pave!
Extend the life of your asphalt and reduce liabilities from injury or accident with Paved Assets high quality asphalt maintenance services.


Our experience in the paving business encompasses several years.


We have served over 459+ customers in the Triangle area.


We have helped our clients save $100,000+ in pavement repairs.

Prolong the life of your asphalt, save $$,
& reduce liabilities in 3 easy steps.


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Request A Free Quote

Fill out and submit our online form. We’ll send you a quote very soon. 


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The Contract

We will schedule the job just as soon as you finalize the quote and sign the contract.


Step 3

Let Your Pavement Win More Customers

Experience the benefits of your professionally maintained pavement.

Protecting Your Asphalt Investment While Keeping Your Pavement Safe And Beautiful Is Our Only Business. Proudly Serving North Carolina.

Client Reviews

Angel F


Paved Assets were very thorough in their work and made sure it went according to my desire, will definitely recommend them!

John D


Value for money provided. Excellent service.

Haylee F.


Extremely professional staff and very knowledgeable.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A. Water seepage is the most common underlying cause of failed asphalt pavement. When water oxidizes the foundation and dries out the binders, it makes them brittle and more likely to chip and crack, leading to increased seepage.

    A. Yes, we can fill these cracks quickly and efficiently to prevent more damage from being done. The sooner they're fixed, the better.

    A. Yes, we have full insurance coverage to protect our clients’ investments.

    A. We offer services to commercial clients. We help property managers keep their pavement in excellent shape.

    A 2017 Study Showed That 68% Of Shoppers Strongly Agree That The Parking Lot Was The Influencing Factor That Attracted Them To Particular Retail Centers.

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