Crack Filling


Freeze, thaw, contract, expand. Rain, rain, rain. Beating sun. The elements are tough on asphalt. The natural weather cycle exposes you asphalt to all sorts of stress. Eventually this stress causes cracks to occur. Left untreated, small cracks expand into large cracks. Large cracks turn into potholes or the dreaded alligator cracks – an area of interlaced cracks that resemble the scales on an alligator’s back that everyone’s seen in run down parking lots.

If your pavement makes the first impression of your property, there is nothing that looks worse than cracked, broken, and pothole ridden pavement. It forms the exact opposite impression you want for tenants, employees, customers, and users. Not to mention, cracks can be sources of injury or even vehicle damage that you don’t want.

To prevent this unsafe and unsightly mess, Paved Assets offers fast, high quality crack filling. We inject either a cold patch (in larger cracks) or a melted (hot) rubberized sealant into cracks. Either process fills the cracks and creates a bond with the asphalt that prevents further water and weather damage. Crack filling is an extremely cost-effective solution for maintaining your pavement.

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