Asphalt is tough stuff for sure, but asphalt takes a beating from the elements, the brutal hot, the freezing cold; rain, snow, moisture. A never-ending cycle of expand and contract. Not to mention the beating users put on it. All these things start to wear the asphalt from the top down. In essence the top layer of the asphalt is broken apart which begins a slow disintegration of the lower layers. The technical term for this is ‘raveling.’

Left unchecked, raveling requires that the entire asphalt area be replaced which is massive capital investment. What’s the solution to mitigate raveling? Glad you asked: sealcoating.

Sealcoating is the process of coating the surface layer of asphalt with a mixture of polymers, sand, water, and other materials to restore and protect the asphalt. This protects your costly investments. In fact, regular sealcoating can be done for a fraction of the costs of the very expensive process of repaving. Moving from an expensive capital cost to an easily budgeted operating cost.

In addition to the financial ROI of sealcoating, the great black sheen it leaves, looks like a million bucks. Have you ever noticed how making your bed, makes your bedroom look 70% better? That’s what sealcoating does to your entire property. Tenants, employees, customers, and other users will be impressed by how good your property looks.

At Paved Assets, we use the highest quality, most environmentally safe sealcoats to protect your pavement investments. Prior to sealcoating, we thoroughly, clean, sweep, and blow the asphalt of debris, dirt, and vegetation. We then fill and seal any cracks and repair any potholes. Then we apply sealcoat.

We understand the importance of regular sealcoating to protect asphalt pavement. Our team of experts will work with you to create a sealcoating schedule that fits your budget and timeframe.

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