Line Striping


Paved Assets provides accurate and attractive line striping and pavement marking so your pavement looks great, is safe for users, and is compliant with regulations. Your parking lot and pavement assets are often the first thing your tenant, employees, and customers see. Bright, crisp, well-marked lines make a great first impression. Not only that but they safely guide your user’s experience. Finally, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prescribes guidelines for handicapped parking spots and van equipped parking spaces.

At Paved Assets, we use paints that meet TTP-1952B requirements (Federal specification) to produce crisp, compliant, great looking lines and marks.

Line striping and marking including

  • Parking Lots
  • ADA complaint Accessible Parking Spaces for Cars
  • ADA compliant Van-Accessible Parking Spaces
  • Traffic Arrows, Fire Lane, Crosswalk, Stop bars, Loading Zones
  • Parking lot numbering
  • Visitor & Guest stenciling
  • Compact car stenciling
  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Charging stencils
  • Custom stencils. Your branding!

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