Pothole Repair


Burning sun, freezing rain, snow, sleet and everything in between. Your pavement assets literally bear the brunt of and absorb the elements. Asphalt is tough stuff, but eventually cracks, fissures, and holes form. And when they do, time is of the essence. Left untreated, they’ll quickly degrade the entire substructure of the asphalt and the entire surface will need to be replaced, which is an unpleasant and expensive capital expenditure. Further, potholes create a liability with the potential for vehicle damage or personal injury.

Not only do potholes lead to costly repaving if untreated but they are a universally depressing symbol for something that is broken and shoddy. The best-looking building will seem run-down if surrounded by a parking lot of potholes. Which is the exact opposite impression you want to give your users.

Paved Assets can prevent that ugly expense and help you stay ahead of your capital costs by regular, proactive pothole and asphalt repair. We offer both infrared, hot mix, and cold patch solutions for pothole and asphalt repair. Each have the advantage that they can be applied in any temperature weather.

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